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Time is short, Thank God anyway.

6 January 2007
  1. I’ve so much wanted to record the events of the last 2 weeks of December in greater detail but time has been a short commodity.  However, Thank God for David and Nelson who were here even for just a short time.  Nelson started a blog detailing their time here and we’re grateful for their contribution.  Check out what happened while they were here and also the birthing days of the Lighthouse.
  2. We had a church committee meeting on Wednesday.  We worked on the bulletin, talked about the worship order, the duty roster for the month, talked about our theme verse, details for the church signage and prayed.  Thank God for enthusiasm of the young people.
  3. Pat,  Nathaniel and Christy are sick.  We are fighting to get healthy.  Gade is also down.  We need God’s mercies for the long haul.
  4. Last night was the first time since Christy slept through the night since November.  Praise the Lord.  Last night, we prayed as a family asking for God’s Protection and praying that God would nullify the works of the devil in our family.
  5. Praise the Lord that Apple’s mom plans to come again this week.  She apparently was quite touched by the love, care and concern showed to them during the loss of her husband.

Redeeming the Time, Making the most of each opportunity.

27 December 2006

Eph 5:16* Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
Col 4:5* Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.

We met together for the 1st time this week since last Friday. As we recounted the events of the past week. One thing in common that stood out, “were our parents ready to meet God?” As Apple told Ying, “don’t wait till it’s too late.”

As I was thinking about our church, one thing that has been impeded the spread of the Gospel in Thailand is that a Christian is often ostracised from the immediate family. We need to reach the family and not just the individual.

It was a powerful time as we realized the 4 out of 6 of us in the group had unsaved parents.

What would our church be about? What would we be known for?

We spent some time in confession before God and asked for His guidance in the days ahead.

Later in the afternoon, we found out that husband of one of the potential members of the new church had a stroke.

God is trying to get our attention. Don’t you think?