Lighthouse 1st Church Camp Testimonies

Supragate’s thanksgiving

Thank God for the church camp, I received blessings from the messages of Pastor Heng. He taught about the purpose of building the church which begins from God and end by God. God created man which will bring to salvation and eternal life. I was happy to join the camp for I met the members of the church and studied Bible together in the mist of mountains, beautiful nature and water fall. We also encouraged each other to grow up in Christ, to know God and to get ready to witness for the good news to many people. We have to be ready to share the gospel to those who don’t know God. And we have to get ready to serve God with all our lives.
Even thought it was difficult to do the camp, all these things taught us to get it better next time. To feel the nature is to know that God is the creator. I spent some time to analyze and study carefully about God’s words to apply in daily life, to serve God, to encourage the members in the church to grow up in Christ, to have more understanding about God and to walk with God.
Even though there were not many members of the church attended the camp, God knew who will be blessed in the camp.

Nalinee Thalue

Citizen of the kingdom of the heaven Camp 

Thank God for the Citizen of the kingdom of the heaven Camp. I had a good time in resting in the mist of the nature and fresh air. Most importantly, my spiritual life was fulfilled with God’s words. I learned about God’s plan in Ephesians and I felt God’s love, also I knew how to live in order to honor God.
            Thank God for Pastor Heng for preparing good lessons, it was a good teaching. Some words were interesting, for example; to humble which means we have a right but we don’t use it. Jesus is the best example of being humble. And another word is to angry, he said, the anger happens because someone cannot do what we expect for, he added; no one can make you get angry, but you yourself. The next things I learned are walk in light, walk in love and walk in Lord’s will. To know God plan is to read Bible for master plan is all in the Bible.
            Thank God for God’s words through Pastor Heng and through his life. He shared his life for us, this is very clear for giving testimony to show that Jesus is alive.

Saranya Tongkan’s Reflection on Lighthouse Church Camp “Citizens of Heaven”

        I thank God for His mercy to remind in this camp of such a privilege to be the citizen of His kingdom. This camp helps me go through in more detial of the book of Ephesians. It is not just the citizenship that I come realize but also the blessings and the predestination that God has chosen me before the foundation of the world. It affects my life to carefully walk on this earth as it is not my home. The message gives me hope of going home and this hope brings me joy, peace and gratefulness. I come to learn that there is so much more I have to learn, not just to gain knowledge but to understand by heart and to live it up, and I am so sure that even the whole is not enough. I am also grateful for Thailand has been blessed with beautiful mountains, tress and flowers. As we wnet there I could the glory of God through all His creations.
They reflect His marvalous, wonderful and gorgeous character, and I learn that God’s wisdom is indescribable. Once again I thank God this incredible camp with very good, delicious food, a good place and even fresh air. Amen.

Pakorn Boonmee’s Testmony

Thank God that I could join the camp because the Bible School started on Oct 13th. I skipped the class. God is working all the time; this is what I said to myself. I prayed that all the members in the church will join the camp, but some of them could not come. Thanks God that I could see God is working. God saved us all the way to the Queen garden. I was fulfilled with God’s words. I was happy that I was able to translate on that day. God’s words were powerful. I have learned that we, Christians, are the body of Christ. Sometimes, I do whatever I want to do, but if I have considered about the body of Christ I have to do whatever God wants me to do. Thank God that his words could change my attitude. Thank God that he gives me the flesh air on the mountain for free. And thank God for food that we had a lot of food to eat. Also, thank God for his preparation. At first, we prepared that program for the members who are teenagers, but the program had to be changed. There were Apple’s mother & a friend of Apples’ mother to join our camp, therefore the program must be changed. I saw they are happy and enjoyed the camp. We also enjoyed visiting the Queen garden. It was a good program, so we could take a rest. Once again, thank God for his words, I realized about body of Christ and I have to stay close to God more.


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    i am so happy for you pakorn..
    i am so happy that you are growning up in Spirit!
    i am so happy that you are my friend in Chaing Mai.
    i cant wait to meet you sometimes someday! 🙂

    Keep it Up.

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