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Our Search for a home for the Lighthouse. Part 2

27 June 2009

“Ajarn, they don’t want to sell…” was the reply from P’Gade after getting in touch with the agent.  We had called on 21 Feb 2009, one day before our deadline expired.  “They don’t even want to talk to us unless we offer 1.9 million baht.”

How could this be?  We had prayed for 1.8 million baht.  The Lord had given us more than we asked for, could it be that we were to offer more money.  Even though the world was heading into its worst recession since the 1920’s.  What gave this seller the gall to raise prices as the economy in Thailand worsened.  Perhaps greed and a quick profit, hoping that we were desperate.

We had prayed specifically for 1.8 million bt.  No more, no less.  So we told him that if they were interested in selling to let us know by 31 March 2009.  Failing which we would consider other locations.  Everyone was now too busy with exams to do anything.

We continued to pray.  31 March 2009 went by without incident.  So began our search again.  Meanwhile we were preparing to go to Parn’s village.  Black Songkran.  We celebrated Easter and our Lord’s Resurrection.  A Fabulous Time at Parn’s Village. We drove to Bangkok for the 7th Evangelism Congress 3-8 May 2009.  Out of the blue, the agent calls to say that the owner now wants to sell.

What should we do?


Our Search for a home for the Lighthouse. Part 1

19 June 2009

“Build the People, Build the People!”  These words flashed through my mind as I was preparing breakfast for the children.  Pat was on the phone counseling a friend who was on the verge of suicide.  May – June 2008 flashed by as we were trying to start a foundation, look for property and we basically dropped everything and just concentrated on ministry.  It wasn’t till Sep 2008 while looking for a house to rent near Payap University that we saw a house just a 3-minute walk from the University.

On 22 Sep 2008 at 2:30pm, we officially signaled our intent to purchase with an offer of 1.8 million baht.  We offered a 100,000 bt deposit and asked for six months to raise the money.  The owner counter-offered just one month.  However, the agent said that the current tenant’s rental agreement would expire 22 Feb 2009.  He said that he when we had raised the money, we could just give him a call…

On 23 Sep 2008, we had 200,000 bt.  We began praying as a church, as a ministry and we began telling others of our intentions.  Meanwhile P’Gade and P’Nat were married on 1 Nov 2008.

By 3 Dec 2008, we had 357,191 bt.

At 16 Dec 2008, we were at 376,000 bt.

On 20 Dec 2008, we stood at 400,000 bt.  Slowly but could we make the 1 million mark by New Year’s Day?  Anyway, we were so busy with the Galilean team going to Parn and Jack’s Village.  You can check out the pictures here.

29 Jan 2009, the tally was 887,641 bt.  Not even a million.

By 03 Feb 2009, we were now at 980,441.99 bt [S$ 42,432.54 ]  Deadline was 22 Feb 2009.  This was getting close.  We had called the church together to fast and pray.  Could God work on our behalf?  After all, this was a brand new, tiny church of 6 baptized members and mainly students…

17 Feb 2009, we reached 2,397,040 bt.  Wow!  Praise the Lord!  How did that happen?  Five days before the deadline.  God had answered our prayers.  Or so we thought…