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Arrival of Galilean Vision/Missions Team in Chiangmai and Radio Program Outreach.

29 December 2007

Galilean Team 1 at the radio stationAfter sending half the team up to the mountains, we had 4 team members come to the FM99 radio station to give a preview for the upcoming Christmas outreach at Crystal Springs. Bro. Alex Goh was also able to give his testimony. Here is the link to that Saturday’s radio program.


Lighthouse church welcomes the visit of David’s parents.

22 December 2007

David Cher, Mr and Mrs Cher Han Poh Lighthouse BP Church dinner hosted by David’s parents.  Mr and Mrs Cher Han Poh came to visit their son after his long absence from home.  David’s been helping out at the English Conversation Club in Payap University.  David’s parents are both retired and lead a full-life helping to take care of David’s three nephews.  Mom still has been a school teacher over 40 years and is still doing some teaching.  Dad is home most of the time and still keeping healthy.

We have an exclusive for everyone.  David’s parents gave their testimonies at the Lighthouse and we are very happy to provide this for posterity.  Their testimony was very relevant for that Sunday’s message so that became the message for that Sunday’s service.  Here is the link.  [quicktime is needed]

Deacon Gideon Tan’s Testimony

15 December 2007

Greetings to one and all from the Lighthouse BP church. This is becoming an increasingly busy period for us as a church. Most importantly, we are almost one year old as a church.

A month ago, we were very happy to have Dn Gideon Tan and family visited us on 9 November and he gave his testmony. Here is the link to that testimony.

Gideon and Irene along with children Beatrice and Benjamin have had to deal with autism in the family. This is a condition rarely acknowledged but they were very happy to share on Sunday and on the air during the Lighthouse hour on Saturday. Here is the link to that Saturday radio broadcast