Church is Growing.

We’ve been home in Chiangmai and this is our 3rd Sunday back.

  1. Church has grown in spite us not being around. That’s fantastic.
  2. The ministry of the English Resource Corner is now an outreach of the Lighthouse and will be supported in part from the Lighthouse. Praise the Lord.
  3. Gade is back in Bangkok on vacation and returning later this week.
  4. We’ve been emphasizing reaching out to our families. It’s been really heartening to see them cry out to the Lord on behalf of their loved ones.
  5. Prayer meeting is going strong. Attendance is 90% of church attendance. Pretty outstanding ratio.
  6. Been preaching on prayer. Last week, preached on the shortest prayer in the Bible. Mt 18:40 “Lord, save me.”
  7. Started on the Lord’s Prayer today. It’s really fun and heartening to see them become more lucid in the Word of God. Amen.

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