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Our Lowest Attendance so far, Prayer Meeting Great

5 March 2007

In a way, this is also a request for prayer.

  1. Apple had a presentation in university today. Somsri (Apple’s mom) became a temporary nun to make merit for her deceased husband. Pray for her salvation. When George McBride, a Navigator missionary asked her when her date of salvation would be, she replied “soon.” The next day, someone came to the house saying that they’d dreamt of her late husband and that she needed to make merit for him. Maeng Por (Apple’s younger sister ) is still not a believer.
  2. Took and Oa didn’t come because Toey (son and brother respectively) was ordained as a novice monk today.
  3. Parn couldn’t get up.
  4. So we were down about 5 people.
  5. Prayer meeting is consistent at about 5-6 people.  We Praise God for that.
  6. Today’s message was on “Missing God’s Blessing.”  Numbers 13&14 on the disobedience of the children of Israel in entering the Promised Land.
  7. Interestingly, we received an offer for another premises and we are praying about whether it’s God’s Will to take it.