Our First Worship Service

Most everyone arrived early or on time because we had moved the service to 1030 am.  Gade was sick due to a viral fever but was able to lead the worship service.  Nathaniel preached on “Praying our friend or loved one into God’s Kingdom: God is Light.”  He also expounded on the church’s theme verse and our theme for 2007.  Details can be found at “Lighthouse BP Church Theme.”  There were 17 attendees.  Praise God that Apple’s mother and sister came again.  We have been praying for John who is in hospital suffering from a stroke.  His wife Angkhana came for the first time too.  Ying brought Wow, a young man who’s last visit to a church was 5 years ago.

Thank God for all the newcomers.  4 non-believers out of 17 is a very high ratio.  The first step in praying for our non-believing friends or loved ones is to ask God to open their spiritual eyes and allow them to acknowledge that they have a Heavenly Father.  Was able to give a very simple gospel presentation and then we fulfilled Angkhana’s request for us to pray for her husband as a church.

We had a good fellowship lunch and a good time together.  We also celebrated John’s 5th birthday.


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